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Beer Scoring

Scoring beer is an essential part of CAMRA.  Not only does it assist in choosing the best Pubs for the Good Beer Guide, it also shows a health check of pubs across the UK.  Allowing CAMRA to lobby government to support pubs, clubs and breweries and ensuring the heritage of real ale, cider and perries is not lost forever.

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Beer Scoring for the "Good Beer Guide" - how to do it on WhatPub

In order to submit your scores online you need to login to CAMRA’s pub guide,, from a PC, tablet or smart phone.  Here you will find a list of almost 36,000 real ale pubs from all over the UK; these are not all Good Beer Guide pubs, merely pubs that serve real ale.


Login using your CAMRA membership number (without any leading zeros) and your CAMRA password (unless you have changed it, the default password is your postcode using capital letters and no space in the middle).

Member Login • whatpub com


Click on the pub you wish to score beer for.

Screen 3 select pub


Search for the town or village by name.

Screen 2 Place entry


Simply fill in the date and your score, then as you begin typing the brewery, the name should automatically appear. You do not have to enter the name of the beer you are drinking but if you wish to do so, once you have entered the brewery name, you should be able to click on the arrow in the Beer box and a drop down list of that brewery’s beers should appear. Select the correct one and click "submit score".

Screen 4 score beer


LocAle is CAMRA's accreditation scheme to support and promote pubs that serve at least one local ale. The scheme was started in 2007 by CAMRA’s Nottingham branch and is now a national campaign that includes thousands of pubs from across the UK. Pubs should serve at least one local ale to be accredited, but the definition of 'local' is at the discretion of each branch.

 Stocking locally produced real ale in local pubs is good for everyone, just some of the advantages include: pubs can attract more visitors through their doors, including tourists seeking out distinctive local products. consumers can enjoy greater beer choice and diversity. brewers are supported with increased sales, creating more local jobs.  More money is generated and spent locally, increasing the resilience of the local economy.


Drink Greener

With environmental issues becoming increasingly high priority for governments across the UK, particularly in the run up to the COP26 summit.

CAMRA wants to recognise and celebrate the work already being done across the hospitality industry. We’ve set up an Environmental Working Group to identify areas of our campaigning that already have a green element, create new opportunities for campaigning, and encourage  CAMRA as an organisation to become more environmentally responsible.

Supporting your pub and champioining those breweries, pubs and clubs who are already making a difference to support a reduction in CO2, using enviromentally friendly products, reducing single use plastic.  

Whats Brewing

What's Brewing is the digital monthly news site.  You can find out the latest information on issues affecting the industry, campaigns and news.  Getting involved in saving pubs and current campaigns, beer festivals and brewery awards.  Click to visit:

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